Feel free to use or adapt these materials, with attribution! I am also happy to share homework or exams if you email me.

Current courses for Spring 2019 at Georgia Tech

Previous courses at Georgia Tech

  • Autumn 2018: Language & Computers (syllabus; slides)
  • Autumn 2018: Intro to Linguistics (syllabus; slides)
    • This course (including many of the slides) are adapted from my colleagues Kyoko Masuda and Satomi Suzuki

Some potentially fun in-class activities

  • Scavenger hunt in the World Atlas of Language Structures, Google N-Grams, or wordbank.stanford.edu (idea from Mike Frank)
  • Compare Swadesh lists to guess which languages are more related
  • Download Praat; measure everyone's pitch; then test to see if height or gender is more predictive (idea from Meghan Sumner)
  • Learn about constituency with fun ambiguous newspaper headlines
  • "Field work" on relative clause formation or clause types (declarative, imperative, question...) in languages spoken by students in the class
  • Talk to ELIZA (old-school chatbot) or Mitsuku (award-winning current chatbot) and analyze their success
  • Pull out words from a literal "bag of words" to illustrate the concept of Naive Bayes for document classification
  • Use Google DialogFlow to build a chatbot (no programming required)!

Some other teaching materials